North East Point

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Situated at the northern-most tip of Mahe, North East Point is another popular spot by beach visitors especially on Sundays. The Beach stretches a good 1.5 km along the north eastern coast of Mahe.

North East Point Mahe 001.jpg
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The presence of ancient beach rocks in the area indicates that this beach is quite old. Beach rocks are masses of sand which have turned into rocks under pressure and the ones at North East Point can be found exposed especially during low tide during the south east monsoon. The presence of beach rocks is indicative that severe erosion has occurred in the area over the years, strong enough to eventually expose the beach rocks. The coast is of high energy during most of the year generated by the waves and currents, therefore making it very dynamic. The most northern part of the beach has no reef protecting it which means that bigger swells and stronger currents hits this particular stretch of the beach. The area is quite popular with surfers who enjoy the big waves.