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Before dawn each morning local fishermen can be seen taking off from the central Glacis beach in their small colourful fishing boats and later selling their fresh catch at the fishmarket directly on the beach.

Glacis Central Beach 003.jpg

The beach is shaded by pine trees and Takamaka trees. Rocks in the water may make swimming difficult. The west coast of Mahé, Silhouette and North Island are within view of this beach.

In addition to the main Glacis beach, a few other smaller "pocket beaches" can be found in the area. These small beaches are quite popular and are found between rocks which collect sand deposits.

Glacis pocket beach #1

Glacis Pocket Beach #1 Behind the luxury Northolme Hotel & Spa are two small sandy beaches, divided by a tiny islet. The condition of this beach depends on the season. The hotel has a dive centre and snorkelling around the islet is recommended. Although it may not be the ideal swimming beach it is a good choice for a quick dive-in, and you can relax afterwards at the terrace of the hotel restaurant looking at the ocean or watching the sunset. The beach also offers a panoramic view of Silhouette and North Island. Access to the beach is only possible through the hotel entrance.

Glacis pocket beach #2

Glacis Pocket Beach #2 This small pocket beach can be accessed via the entrance of Sunset Beach Hotel. Parking is available to restaurant or hotel guests. Non-guests can reach the beach via a small trail to the right of the hotel. The locals will happily show you the way. Sunset Beach is well known for its excellent snorkelling and colourful sunsets.

Glacis pocket beach #3

Glacis Pocket Beach #3 This idyllic 30-metre sandy beach is surrounded by granite rocks forming a natural swimming pool. The islands of North and Silhouette can be seen on the horizon. The beach is not easy to find. The access trail is located between two private houses, namely, Villa Tusculum and Villa Ulli. The beachway is sometimes blocked by the foreign property owner, just ask the locals to show you the hidden footpath. The beach is mostly empty and partly shaded by coconut palms.

Glacis pocket beach #4

Glacis Pocket Beach #4 Opposite the Indian managed store Mrs. R.S. Chetty a small road leads to a beach ideal for relaxing under coconut palms and Takamaka trees. The beach is characterised by Vouloutye bushes, as many Seychelles beaches. The tiny island Ile L'Ilot is within swimming distance not far from the beach. This sometimes rocky but very picturesque beach may make swimming difficult. Silhouette and North Island are visible on the horizon.

The Copra House
Within 2 minutes walk of Glacis pocket beach #4 The Copra House can be found directly by the roadside. It is a locals choice restaurant which serves very good Creole food. Take-away beach picnics or lunch in the small garden restaurant is recommended.