Anse a La Mouche

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Anse a La Mouche lies in a very long bay and is relatively narrow. Low tide leaves extensive sand flats along the coastline. At high tide there are only two metres of beach left. Various breakwaters divide Anse a La Mouche into different small pocket beaches. Colourful fishing boats are anchored at both ends of the bay. Thick bush vegetation and Takamaka trees provide shade and hide the beach from the nearby road. The beach also offers a panoramic view of mountainous green landscape and the small islets Ile Chauve Souris and Ile aux Vaches. Because of its calm water the 1,700 metre long Anse a La Mouche is popular with families with children. There are several guest houses and self carering villa rentals on offer along the coastal road.

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Anse a La Mouche Pocket Beach

The approximately 650 paces long beach ends with a very nice round shaped sand area making it a good choice for picnics. Two coconut palms arching towards the ocean shelter this small spot. Swimming is impossible during low tide. This pocket beach offers a complete view of Anse a La Mouche bay.

Anchor Cafe - The Islander Restaurant

This restaurant can be found in the middle of the bay and is popular with tourists and locals alike. It has an outside seating area and serves mainly pizza but also grilled fish and chicken. Open from 11am to 9pm from Monday to Tuesday. Closed on Sunday and public holidays. Credit cards are accepted.