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Anse Volbert is about 2,5km long and lies in a large bay with various hotels along the coastline. Only a few Vouloutye bushes and coconut palms shade this fine sand and generally flat beach. Some of the natural coastal vegetation has been cleared off by tourism establishments, causing erosion as a result. Swimming is ideal all year round, however during the southeast monsoon from May to October the sea can be rough. Anse Volbert offers a panoramic view of the islets Chauve Souris, Buccaneer, St. Pierre as well as the islands Curieuse and Cousine. Curieuse and St. Pierre are part of Curieuse Marine National Park and offer excellent snorkelling.

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At Anse Volbert the following watersport facilities are available:

  • Whitetip Dives Fun dive, discover Scuba dive, PADI certification, night dive and two tank dive.
  • Tel: 232282

Octopus Diving Centre

  • Scuba diving and excursions.
  • Tel: 232350 / 512350

Barracuda Boat Charter

  • Big-game fishing, especially catching sharks. Island excursions.
  • Tel: 232324 / 512298. Ask for Edwin Rose.

Watersport Centre at hotel L'Archipel

  • Kayaking, snorkelling, windsurfing, diving and deep-sea fishing.
  • Weekly half-day excursions for snorkelling at Félicité and a barbecue on Sister Island.