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Anse Val Mer is a very long soft sand beach in Baie Lazare. Takamaka trees and coconut palms amongst Vouloutye bushes form the beachline. The beach is 1552 steps long and ends with giant granite rocks approximately 50 metre in height in the south. These rocks can easily be climbed and offer a wonderful view of the valley with its thick forest vegetation. On the north side of the beach the Plantation Club hotel is located. Water sport activities and swimming are impossible during low tide. From the middle of April to the end of November, washed up sea grass may appear along the coastline. Bathing shoes are recommended.

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Across the Plantation Club road and next to Valmer Resort the well-known painter Gerard Devoud displays and sells originals as well as reproductions of his colourful paintings.

Update 27 November 2007: Plantation Club under Reconstruction

Plantation Helistop Please note that the Plantation Club is currently closed for renovation. Further information will be posted here as soon as it becomes available.