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Anse Royale is the longest beach on Mahé and probably the second most popular. It lies in a long stretched bay with a view of green mountainous landscape to the south. This beach is sheltered from the beachline by coconut palms, Vouloutye bushes and Beach Morning Glories.

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Anse Royale is considered more or less a stable beach and is well protected by a fringing reef from powerful waves. The beach experiences choppy seas during the southeast trade wind season from May to October but has very calm conditions during the northwest monsoon. It is very good for swimming at high tide but not during low tide.

The small Ile Souris (Mouse Island) on the north side is within swimming distance and offers good snorkelling. The length of the beach from the round shaped granite rocks in the north to the newly renovated church in the south is about 2500 paces. On weekends Anse Royale is a very lively beach where many locals meet up for picnics and beach sports.

Restaurant Kaz Kreol
At the centre of this beach you can find the small restaurant Kaz Kreol, which is known for its excellent Chinese, Creole and Italian food. It has a very colourful inside seating area as well a roofed terrace with sandfloor and direct access to the beach. Open from 11am to 11pm from Tuesday to Sunday. VISA cards are accepted.