Anse Madge

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The 1,500 step long Anse Madge lays in the perpetually calm Baie Ste. Anne, overlooking the entire bay, including the jetty where all interisland transfers connect. Praslin Yacht Club is also located there. The beach has fine sand and during low tide it becomes partly hardpacked, which makes it a good running track. While it is completely safe for swimming due to lack of waves and currents it is not a popular tourist beach. The long sandbanks during low tide have a soft, muddy sandfloor. Anse Madge is sheltered by many thick bushes and pine trees. Many locals chose this beach for their weekend picnics.

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Restaurant Coco Rouge

Located at the centre of the bay this restaurant and take-away serves original Creole food. A flexible menu guarantees that all dishes are freshly prepared. The owner will discuss your preferences and suggest a meal based on your taste. Coco Rouge is one of the few genuine Creole restaurants on the island which makes it a popular choise among locals. Open from 7pm.