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Anse Kerlan is one of the longest beaches on Praslin and probably the best beach for swimming on this side of the island. It is completely exposed to wave action and during the last 30 years a high degree of sand erosion is recognisable. Breakwaters have been built to reduce this process. An intensive coastal planting programme was carried out to further stabilise the beach system. Some parts of the coastline have recovered considerably, while at other sections, erosion is still occuring. The breakwaters form many small pocket beaches with very fine sand.

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At the west end Anse Kerlan continues behind some large granite rocks, where the Lemuria Resort is located. This 950 step long section can easily be reached by foot along the coastline at low tide, by boat or through the hotel entrance. In a small bay behind the Lemuria Beach Bar lies Petite Anse Kerlan. The watersport centre of Lemuria Resort can be found on this 230 step long beach. At low tide and during the months April to November, swimming in the sea may be limited due to washed up sea grass. Amongst other accommodation on Anse Kerlan south of Cap Jean Marie is Castello Beach Hotel. Further information about this beach can be found at

  • Watersport Centre Lemuria Resort Sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, catamaran and pedalos.
  • Diving, snorkelling and deep-sea fishing