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Perhaps one of the most picturesque beaches on Seychelles, Anse Intendance is also the widest beach on Mahé. Though being impacted by high energy waves constantly, the beach remains very much stable throughout the year. Anse Intendance also displays a massive reservoir of very fine sand, which is a good indicator of a very stable beach.

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Only a few coconut palms and trees provide shade. Beach Morning Glories with purple-pink flowers grow along the seashore. This beach is popular with the local surfers because of the big swells throughout the year. The beach is one of the few in Seychelles where one can see cusps by multi-directional currents acting on the beach. These currents can make swimming dangerous. The luxurious Banyan Tree resort at the right end of the beach indicates swimming conditions with flags (green - good, yellow - for good swimmers, red - do not swim due to strong currents).

Anse Intendance is one of the few places on Mahe where turtles still nest. Banyan Tree and the Marine Conservation Society of Seychelles are monitoring the beach as part of the National Beach Monitoring Programme.

Banyan Tree Resort

A 47-villa resort by Singaporian Banyan Tree Group is located directly at this beach. Their elegant hotel restaurant Saffron serves original East Asian and Thai cuisine, while their more casual restaurant, Au Jardin d'Epices, offers an African and Creole menu. The hotel provides a helicopter landing circle for guests and day visitors.

Banyan Tree Resort is a member of The Leading Small Hotels of the World, Small Luxury Hotels of the World and Emirates Associate Hotel.

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