Anse Georgette

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Anse Georgette is a beach most people do not know about. Located by the Lemuria Resort in the northwest of Praslin, this beach is an ideal place for relaxation, while surrounded by beautiful trees giving you the privacy you are looking for. Along the white sand beach the local Ghost Crabs will fascinate you with hours of entertaining antics. The crystal clear water of Anse Georgette is the ideal place for honeymooners seeking solitude within one of the most secluded beaches of Praslin Island.

The beach is only accessible by boat or via the entrance to Lemuria Resort. By this resort you will find a path leading to the beach that also connects the resorts nearby golf course. In addition, we can recommend lunch or dinner at the nearby Lemuria hotel restaurant. Lemuria Resort can also arrange a picnic on the beach.

Anse Georgette is classified as a national park and is rated one of the top ten most attractive beaches in the world.