Anse Gaullette

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Anse Gaullette lays in Baie Lazare, divided from Anse Val Mer by large round shaped granite rocks. Takamaka trees and various green bushes hide the beach from the nearby street. This 1,300 step long beach has very fine sand and a flat seabed, which makes it ideal for swimming and snorkelling.

Anse Gaullette Mahe 001.jpg
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Anse Gaullette Mahe 005.jpg

A few palm trees arch in the direction of the ocean, where small fishing boats are anchored. Beach Morning Glories with purple-pink, trumpet-shaped flowers grow along the seashore. Facing the ocean the coastline of Anse Val Mer can be seen on the right, while on the left the beach ends with some residential Creole houses. The Lazare Picault Hotel and various shops are within walking distance of this beach.

At the neighbouring beach Anse Val Mer, the following water sport facilities are available:

  • Dive Centre Scuba Dive & Snorkelling Centre (PADI) next to Plantation Club.

Watersport Centre at Plantation Club

  • Sailing, windsurfing, kayaking and pedalos.
  • Diving, deep-sea fishing and snorkelling.

Island Boat Charter Reel Time

  • Game fishing, deep-sea and night fishing.
  • Romantic sunset cruise.
  • Trips to Praslin and La Digue.
  • Snorkelling trips with beach barbecue.