Anse Forbans

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The historical bay of Anse Forbans still fosters local myths of treasures buried in the mountain side by the legendary pirate, La Buse. Anse Forbans Mahe 001.jpg

Anse Forbans is a half kilometre long and a narrow stretch of soft sand beach with coral stones scattered across it due to the closeness of the reef, which encircles the bay approximately 100 metres offshore. The beach is considered safe for swimming, except for the southern part past the chalets, where the beach leads onto Anse Marie Louise. Anse Forbans is accessible to the public like all Seychelles beaches.

Chalets Anse Forbans

Accommodation close to this beach is available at Chalets Anse Forbans. These villas can be rented on a self-catering basis and are especially suitable for families with children. For further information, please visit