Grand, Petite & Anse Cocos

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The biggest and largest beach on the island, but certainly not the safest for swimming. Though at certain times during the year part of the beach seems calm enough for swimming it is strongly not recommended for swimming. Nevertheless the beach is more popular for sunbathing. Though experiencing high energy waves and currents the beach is more or less safe from erosion though there are noticeably seasonal changes occurring.

Leaving Grand Anse, there is a trail that leads to the two nearby beaches, namely Petit Anse and Anse Cocos. The two beaches more or less display similar characteristics, though experiencing high energy waves during the South East Trade winds, both have a high reservoir of sand which gives them their smooth gradient. The two beaches are more or less untouched due to their isolation, this have led to dense and mature coastal vegetation especially the patatran on Petit Anse. Both beaches are more or less safe for swimming compared to Grand Anse. The two considered as most ideal for 'nudist' visitors!