Anse Boileau

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Anse Boileau lies in a very long and quiet bay. About 2000 steps from the Local Administration Office mangroves form a small bird sanctuary for the remaining part of the beach.

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On both ends of the bay fishing boats are anchored. In the early morning hours fishermen sell their fresh catch along the coastal road. Anse Boileau is relatively narrow with a change of soft and grainy sand at different parts of the beach. The beach is more or less flat and does not change in shape throughout the year. At low tide swimming is impossible.

Takamaka trees and only a few coconut palms shelter Anse Boileau and hide it from the nearby street. The mountains Mount Dondee and Mount Barbarons with their green landscapes can be seen towards the north.

Chez Plume

At the end of Anse Boileau we can recommend Chez Plume, an excellent seafood restaurant where you can enjoy the catch of the day and spend an evening with friends. Try for example the coconut cake for desert, rounded off with the locally produced Takamaka Rum. The last surprise is the bill, which comes in a wonderful seashell with rare orchids and despite what one might expect, it is not expensive. Open during evenings. Closed on Sundays.